Your virtual event will have an agenda, just like a traditional event. It can consist of two types of session:


  • Webinar: One or more speakers can be seen and heard, and the attendees are in "view only" mode.
  • Meeting: All participants can see and hear each other.


You have the option of having attendees view either of these embedded in Pathable's pages or launch the Zoom application separately. By default, the webinars will play embedded and the meetings will launch the Zoom application. You can change this setting through Settings > Agenda in your management dashboard.


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A webinar embedded in a page

A meeting in the Zoom application


Creating your agenda

There are two ways to put items on your agenda: manually and via import.


Adding sessions from spreadsheet

From your management dashboard:


  1. Visit Data Import > Import Jobs
  2. Download the "Agenda Template" Excel file
  3. Fill in your event's agenda. The critical columns for making this virtual are:
    • Enabled for IAV: Set this to "TRUE" to make this make this a virtual session
    • IAV Mode: Set to "Webinar" or "Meeting" according to your preference
    • Capacity: Determines how many simultaneous participants. For Meetings, enter 500 or less, and for Webinar, choose either 3,000, 1,000 or 500, according to the licenses you purchased.
    • Speaker Emails: Include the email addresses of your speakers. These are the people who will have the ability to "Start Broadcast" on the webinar. (You must first add profiles for the speakers, as the system will the email addresses you list here with existing profiles on your event.)
  4. Choose Start New Import > Excel / CSV Spreadsheet
  5. Follow the prompts to upload your file


Adding sessions manually

From your management dashboard:


  1. Visit the Agenda page
  2. Click + Add Meeting
  3. Enter your meeting details, then Create
  4. Check the Enable virtual meeting features checkbox
  5. Select "Webinar" or "Meeting" according to your preference
  6. Select the checkbox to Automatically record and share the audio/video for this webinar if you'd like to do so
  7. Click Save


Capacities and Licenses

There are two considerations when choosing the "capacity" of a webinar or meeting.


For webinars, your contract should have specified the number of simultaneous webinars of a particular size. For example, if you purchased one "3,000 participant" license and four "1,000 participant" licenses, you will only be allowed to schedule on webinar with a capacity of 3,000 at any given time, whereas you would be able to schedule up to four webinars with up at 1,000 participants simultaneously.


For meetings, the technical limit is 500 simultaneous participants in a given meeting. However, you may wish to set a lower limit for practical reasons. For example, if you are encouraging small group conversations, you may want to limit a session to 20 simultaneous participants.


Participants will be able to reserve their spot in either a webinar or a meeting by clicking the "Add to Agenda" button prior to meeting time, or clicking on the "Join Meeting" button at the time of the session. If the session is at capacity and an additional participant tries to join, they will not be able to.