Pathable can import your registered attendees automatically for you through our datafeed integrations. Once configured, these integrations run automatically (approximately every 20 minutes), creating new accounts for your attendees and optionally sending them a branded, customized email from you with instructions on how to access the app and their account.

Pathable is adding new integrations all the time. If you don't see your provider on this list, feel free to ask!

From your Dashboard:

  1. Click Data Import 
  2. Click New Import and then select your provider
  3. Choose People from the dropdown
  4. Follow the instructions specific to your registration provider
  5. "Map" the fields from your registration provider to the appropriate fields in Pathable


  • If you want to import responses to questions from your registration provider beyond the standard name, title, company and email, be sure to configure the Profile Questions in Pathable first, then set up your datafeed integration second.
  • YourMembership customers can find their API Key and Passcode in the YourMembership dashboard under Content Settings > General Settings > API Configuration
  • Many registration providers (e.g., EventRebels, Swoogo, RegOnline) provide XML feeds that Pathable can read. Feel free to reach out to support to find out whether your provider does and for instructions on how to set up the XSLT (translation file) that allows the integration.