Pathable can read Excel and CSV spreadsheets and create user accounts automatically. From your Dashboard:

  1. Click Data Import
  2. Download the "Speakers / Attendees Template" from the top of the page and prepare your data (see below for tips)
  3. Click Start New Import > Excel / CSV Spreadsheet
  4. In the Import data type menu, choose People.

  5. Select your file 

  6. Choose the invitation email you would sent to new attendees. (see below for more information)

  7. Click Map Columns

  8. Match the fields from your spreadsheet to the fields in the app. Check the "overwrite" checkbox on any fields where you would like the imported data to overwrite existing data. (see below)

  9. Click Start Import.


  • You are not required to use Pathable's template, if your spreadsheet is in the same column-type format. Our system can parse a spreadsheet, determine the columns of data available and give you the option of matching them up to Pathable's fields. Our template is a convenience because it has all the "correct" fields.
  • Pathable will only offer you the option of sending an email invitation to your staff, not regular attendees, until after you have "launched" your app, to prevent the possibility of mistakenly inviting people to an unfinished experience. You will have the opportunity to email them when you launch.
  • You may import the same spreadsheet repeatedly and Pathable will use either the "external id" field (if present) or the "email address" field to match records. By default, it will ignore records for users that you have previously imported, but you may use the Overwrite checkbox on the Map Columns to tell Pathable to update existing records with the information you are importing.
  • If you want to import responses to questions from your registration provider beyond the standard name, title, company and email, be sure to configure the Profile Questions in Pathable first, then set up your datafeed integration second.